Winter rape under strip tillage
Wheat under strip tillage
Maize under strip tillage
Sugar beet under strip tillage
String beans under strip tillage
About us

We are a company focusing on production agricultural machines Czajkowski ST and on cultivation of plants. At the farm, the whole soil cultivation technology is based on a modern and effective strip cropping, so-called Strip Till.

We grow winter rape, winter wheat, sugar beet, maize for grain, string beans, and sweet peas. We also specialise in production of seed material for the company Chemirol. We have a modern line for cleaning, weighing and packing of the seed material.

We render services for the agriculture sector using the equipment of the highest quality, which won numerous awards and recognitions.

In 2017 we started serial production and sales of cultivation units for strip tillage: Czajkowski ST 600, Czajkowski ST 450, Czajkowski STZ 300.

What do we do
Strip tillage services

The service covers: effective soil preparing, fertiliser spreading and sowing of plants. We welcome orders from all over Poland. Strip tillage saves time, reduces fuel and plant protection agents consumption, as well as limits soil exposure to erosion.

Machines for strip tillage

We offer several innovative cultivation units for strip tillage, including three basic ones: ST 300, ST 450, and ST600, and accessories for cultivation units, that is a sowing module PS 300, PS 450, or PS600. Each of the units is under wireless control from a tablet, ensuring easy and simple operation and continuous work.

Counselling and training - Strip till

Apart from farming machines we also provide a strip tillage technology. We organise trainings and seminars to support farmers in managing their farms under the Strip Till technology. Additionally, we offer support whenever necessary. Our experts are always at your disposal.