Counselling and training – Strip Till

Apart from production and sales of machines for strip tillage, the Company Czajkowski also organises trainings and seminars on the Strip Till technology. Trainings are open and everybody interested can participate in them free of charge. They are mainly held at our offices (in Sokołowo), as well as all over Poland. Information about planned trainings is provided in advance at our website and our Facebook page.

During the training you will receive free materials and see machines at work. It is an opportunity to talk with lecturers from different universities, agronomists, agrotechnology advisers from a sugar plant and from leading companies such as Syngenta, Bayer, and BASF, as well as with the team of specialists from the Company Czajkowski.

The training on strip tillage combined with field presentations of machine prototypes in Sokołów, June 2016.


The training on strip tillage combined with field presentations in Sokołów, September 2016.

Strip tillage history

In 2010, in Sokołów, where traditional cultivation methods were used, Maciej Czajkowski started to implement his ideas to simplify plant production and to find savings. In 2011, the AlpegoSkat 300 subsoiler was purchased to eliminate a plough. This subsoiler was used in many experiments. During the successive years we tested various equipment and solutions, including those for strip till. We used know-how and experience gained this way during construction of the first machine in 2013.

Strip tillage – means a system of soil cultivation, in which only a narrow strip for a sown row is worked. It combines advantages of traditional cultivation (e.g., crop safety) with benefits of direct sowing (e.g., soil protection against erosion and minimum costs). This technology also supports use of localised fertilisation.


Spring 2014 Prototype ST1


Spring 2015 Prototype ST2


March 2016 Prototype Czajkowski ST 300 / ST 450


March 2016 Prototype Czajkowski ST 600