In aggregates of the STK series, the two-chamber tank can be divided in 50/50 proportions, which gives us the opportunity to optimally use the capacity of the tank for sowing two types of fertilizer when aggregating the aggregate with a precision seeder. If the seeds are sown using the PS sowing attachment by quickly moving the feeding hoses, one chamber of the tank is intended for fertilizer, while the other chamber is used to collect cereal or rapeseed. The two-chamber tank in the basic option has a capacity of 2x1200l.

The solid frame of the modular construction allows you to easily increase and reduce the working width. A specially designed system of frames and fasteners in the shape of a truss allows you to maintain excellent rigidity of the entire structure, which makes it ideal for work in even the toughest conditions. The working frames attached to the main frame are a structure refined and tested for many thousands of hectares in very different soil conditions. The patented arrangement of working elements allows for trouble-free operation even in the most severe soil conditions, providing plants with all necessary conditions for proper development. The narrow strip of soil thanks to the spreading discs is cleaned of crop residues, the wavy cutting cut allows the vertical aeration-raising column to penetrate the soil as minimally as invasively. The vertical shape of the element working in the soil to a depth of up to 35 cm allows loosening and aeration of the soil while not pulling it out onto the soil surface.

The 89 cm high tire roller mounted in the off-set system allows the soil to be compacted and leveled in a controlled and effective way. The BKT® wheels used in our aggregates in connection with Pronar hubs guarantee reliability and solidity of the chassis-thickening system.

The 3-point suspension system, also known as the rear three-point linkage, allows aggregation of the Czajkowski STK aggregate with every point seeder available on the market, but also a planter or other tool with a 3-point suspension system. As standard, the aggregates have 2 pairs of hydraulic outputs located in the area of ​​the rear three-point linkage and therefore it is possible to connect a precision seeder with a hydraulic drive or by using a multiplier it is possible to connect a mechanical seeder through a PTO shaft

The electric sowing apparatus made of the highest quality acid-resistant steel and plastics allows for trouble-free operation in the harshest conditions. The simple design supported by the latest electronics based on the knowledge and experience of companies such as MC Electronics® or Mueller-Elektronik® guarantees precise seeding and easy operation and service.

As the only manufacturer on the market, we give the opportunity to expand the machine with additional working meters without having to replace the equipment with a new one. By choosing the PLUS option for your aggregate, you can easily expand your aggregate from 3m wide to 4.5m wide. This allows you to sow corn, sunflower seeds 75cm apart via a 6-row precision seeder, which makes work much more efficient.

Czajkowski STK  

300 | 300PLUS

Belt cultivator Czajkowski STK is a compact machine perfectly suiting the needs of Polish farmers, who mostly have tractors with power 150-250KM. Smaller aggregates from the Czajkowski stable have the same functionalities as the models from the ST series. The advanced design enables sowing all plants in European spacing. In one pass the aggregates are able to loosen, aerate, deliver fertilizer up to 35 cm deep into the soil, level the surface of the field and sow the plant we are interested in. The off-set system used in both the cultivation section and the compaction-leveling roller enables sowing in even the most difficult conditions without the possibility of clogging the machine. The PLUS option of the aggregate allows sowing maize with 6-row seed drills from any manufacturer.

The most important features:

  • sowing all types of plants in spacing 37.5; 40; 45; 75 cm.
  • the possibility of attaching any precision seeder and seeding attachment
  • allows the use of two types of fertilizer
  • large tank capacity allows for longer work
  • hydraulic protection of the loosening tine
  • durable working elements quickly disassembled
  • highest quality materials
  • quick and trouble-free daily review
  • reduction of machinery, less fuel consumed, reduction of working time
  • thanks to the PLUS option, we can adjust the current precision seed drill

More than benefits

Czajkowski belt cultivator allows to obtain a number of financial benefits such as: reduction of fuel expenditure from 50% to 70%, saving time needed for proper soil preparation for proper plant development and reduction of fertilization up to 30% compared to the plowing system. In addition to the financial benefits, the transition to a belt cultivation system increases the earthworm population, which leads to improved soil structure, reduced water and wind erosion, and increased soil organic matter. As a consequence, it leads to stabilization of crops and even their increase in comparison to plowing or plowed technology.

reduction of fertilization by 30%
reducing the amount of fuel consumed by 50%
reducing the time needed for cultivation, fertilization, sowing by 70%

Czajkowski PS  


Czajkowski PS sowing attachment is a device specially designed for sowing cereals, rapeseed, peas, hemp, soybean and other plants, which sowing is possible in the sowing system. Interchangeable sowing elements allowing sowing of plants in wide and narrow strips designed in such a way that the seed is always under crop residues, independent copying of each sowing section or seed flow sensors guaranteeing the quality and precision of sowing are just some of the advantages that support the use of sowing attachments min. when sowing cereals.

The most important features:

  • the seeds are always placed at a given depth
  • the exchangeable seeding element always places the seeds under crop residues
  • the seed is always sown according to the set value and is controlled by a series of sensors that keep the operator informed about the sowing standard.

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