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Winter rapeseed as a plant with a tap-root system reacts in a particularly good manner to the strip till technology. Such technology allows optimal agrotechnical deadlines of rapeseed sowing to be kept. Another important advantage is evenemergence and a steady growth during vegetation.

Cultivation of winter rapeseed starts from the correct harvest of forecrop. Well-cut post-harvest material and even work on the whole width of the harvester is the first step to success. It is also important to remember about cutting the forecrop at the lowest point possible. If needed, the field can be prepared with a single drive using a disc harrow – as shallowas possible-ora mulch harrow.

With the CZAJKOWSKI ST technology, cultivation, soil fertilization and sowing are reduced to a single ride through the field. Plants are sown in the scarified soil strip with the PS attachment or a precision seed drill. It is important to remember about choosing the right kind and reduction of the planted material. The best types are winter rapeseed hybrids, which are perfect for sowing in wide spacing settings thanks to their strong side shots responsible for nearly 70% of the yield. Reduction of the planted material serves to decrease the pressure put on plants in a single row. It is also crucial not to forget about the reduction of starter fertilizers, because they should be used only where plants are sown in such a way, which does not damage the seedlings due to excessive salinization ofthe cultivated strip.

Despite economic benefits such as the reduction of the planted material (20-30%), reduction of starter fertilizers (20-30%), reduction of fuel consumption and reduction of work time needed to grow winter rapeseed, a vital aspect is the mulch left on the surface, which limits the growth of weeds and vertical non-blending scarification of the soil, which in turn saves water needed for plant growth. It’s also worth mentioning that during winter with low rainfall, rapeseed sown with the use of mulch is less exposed to freezing and cold wind burning

Czajkowski Strip Till Unit
offers many financial benefits


reduces the use of fertilizers


reducing the amount of fuel consumed


reduces the time spent on cultivating, fertilizing and sowing

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