Project title

Implementation of an innovative agricultural service based on strip tillage

Smart Growth Operational Programme (SG OP)
Priority Axis III: Supporting innovations in enterprises
Action 3.2: Supporting implementation of R&D works
Sub-action 3.2..2: Loan for technological innovations

Project description

This project aims at execution of a technological investment based on implementation of own new technology through purchase of innovative cultivation units for strip tillage according to a proprietary design of the Company “CZAJKOWSKI” Sp. z o.o., and other fixed assets in kind that will be used to implement an innovative soil cultivation service. Using a specially designed agricultural machines, according to the Applicant’s concept, cultivation of various plants, including beet, beans, rape, maize, wheat, and peas, is possible. An innovativeness of the provided service is that during one passage the device performs comprehensively all activities needed for sowing.

The solution ensures reduction of costs related to fuel consumption, wear and tear of working parts and a number of employees, as only one operator is needed. Following execution of this project, the service of the innovative strip tillage can be rendered on a wide scale, bringing economic benefits to the company by increasing its competitiveness in the market of services for the agricultural sector.

Agricultural service based on trip tillage

The Company Czajkowski renders the strip tillage service on farmers’ request, all over Poland. The service covers: effective soil preparing, fertiliser spreading and sowing of plants.

A comprehensive service based on strip tillage rendered by our company can be performed due to two sets of devices. First of them is an agricultural tractor of 280 HP, a 6-row precision seed drill, and a cultivation unit for strip tillage of own design, of 4.5 m maximum width (the width adjustable according to the service rendered). The second consists of a tractor of 405 HP, a 12-row precision seed drill, and a cultivation unit for strip tillage of 6 m maximum width. A connection between these two sets and a basis for an innovativeness of the service rendered is the unit for strip tillage designed by the company CZAJKOWSKI Sp. z. o.o.

This machine is a set of various components working with soil, and including:

  • Spreading and tearing discs;
  • Perforated cutter;
  • Additional “radial spreader” (for two-row maize planting);
  • Vertical working tooth;
  • Fertiliser spreader;
  • Toothed closing discs;
  • Compacting and levelling roll;
  • Coulter for sowing of wheat and peas;
  • Levelling roll;

The designed machine can be used for all plants, including beet, beans, rape, maize, wheat, and peas. With its design, this machine is a breakthrough innovation. With the technology used one machine replaces several appliances, additionally ensuring lower fuel consumption, a lower number of operators involved, and a shorter working time.

An innovative agricultural service based on strip tillage

The innovative agricultural service based on strip tillage means that during one passage the machine prepares a clear strip for plant sowing, by performing the following activities:

  • spreading of precrops;
  • cutting the soil to the depth of 10 cm;
  • additional optional spreading for two-row maize planting;
  • working and aerating the soil to the depth of 35 cm;
  • spreading fertiliser;
  • closing the gap;
  • compacting and levelling the ground surface;
  • sowing of a plant;
  • levelling of the soil surface (for peas and wheat).

Enthusiasts of the strip tillage indicate numerous advantages of this form of cultivation. They include: deep working of the soil in the root system growth zone, faster heating of the soil in the cultivated strip, localised and more effective use of fertilisers, controlled growth of weeds and prevention of loss of silt and clay particles responsible for the soil’s sorption complex (so-called wind erosion). They also indicate numerous disadvantages of traditional cultivation methods versus strip tillage. Most frequently, low yield and high energy intensity, formation of a plough pan and soil crust, pulling out of weed seeds, stones and sinter, reduced load bearing capacity of the soil, drying of the arable layer, and destruction of the natural protective layer of the soil However, the most important factor distinguishing the strip tillage is its significant cost effectiveness, in terms both of lower fuel and sowing material consumption, and a lower number of machines used for cultivation.